CESP is the outcome of a project to create a European Union Space for Police and from this, came an agreement to form an independent organisation when the opening of borders became a reality.

Latest News and Events

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

President of CESP (Comité Européen des Syndicats de Police) Ricardo Valadas and Secretary General Jose Lira Calvo met in Geneva with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights   During the meeting at the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on January...

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Executive Bureau Meeting, Bilbao, Spain

CESP President Ricardo Valadas and General Secretary Jesús Lira Calvo placing a bouquet of flowers in front of the commemorative plaques with all the names of the Police officer who lost their life during an ETA attack Basque terrorist group) and President...

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10th  Congress of C.E.S.P. in Kaunas (Lithuania)

FINAL RESOLUTION 10th  Congress of C.E.S.P. in Kaunas (Lithuania)The European Council of Police Trade Unions (CESP), an international non-governmental organization of the Council of Europe, representing 300,000 police officers in 13 countries (including 12...

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