President of CESP (Comité Européen des Syndicats de Police) Ricardo Valadas and Secretary General Jose Lira Calvo met in Geneva with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


During the meeting at the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on January 8, in Geneva, with the Responsible for Europe and Central Asia Roanna TAY

and  Hulan TSEDEV issues like the need for the allocation of more human and material resources as well as specific training in the defense for human rights  by governments to the police were addressed.

The reason for the meeting was to appeal to the governments of the member states of CESP to urgently improve capacities in the matter of human rights, in view of the constantly growing flow of migrants that reaches our borders.

In order to face this reality in all of Europe, there is an increasing demand for a specific training by the UN for police forces.

Other issues such as the fight against terrorism, especially jihadists as well as corruption, a blot on society and how to support victims as well as working conditions of the European police officers and how to improve them, were addressed in the meeting.

There is not only demand for training the affected personnel but also adequate increase in human resources and sufficient material to guarantee the work conditions of the police officers in the affected area where victims need attention and human rights and security of citizens must be guaranteed.

We ask the United Nations to put pressure on national governments to give priority to this training of all police forces to deal with these problems  and demand to increase the number of police endowments to serve all citizens.

The door has been opened for further collaboration and an invitation to deliver this training directly to the next executive committee has been spoken out.


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