Executive Committee of Skopje (F.Y.R.O.M.) May 4 – 5, 2018

The European Council of Police Unions (CESP) – an international non – governmental organization (INGO) within the Council of Europe, representative of the police officers of 14 countries (10 of whom being European Union members) – attended its Executive Committee in Skopje (F.Y.R.O.M.) on May 4-5, 2018.

The Executive Committee’s topic for this meeting was: “CESP for the respect of the fundamental and statutory rights of European police officers ‘’

We live times of the most profound changes among the institutions like CESP, but generally about our cultures, citizens and way of living regarding the solidarity and the principles of working freely protecting the most vulnerable.

The doctrines of unionism are based on honor, respect of human rights and in the freedom of working together towards the protection of all workers, and at CESP, all the police officers.

In other ways, we have passed 200.000 years from the agriculture revolution, 200 years for the industrial revolution, and we need to have a conscience that we are living, since the year 2000, the changing to a new information era.

The criminality has changed, our lives have changed, our organizations must change, but the main principles of living to and for the other must stay intact.

We live times where the police cooperation between the police institutions in Europe has become an absolute necessity.

In these times we, as police officers, need to guarantee the rights of the citizens, the surviving of the democracies and the liberty of the people above all other interests. The evolution of the social rights need to be our first concerns, but also the independency of the police forces from the executive power in each of our countries.

As unions, we need to maintain the full independency of the governments regarding the different objectives of each countries but mainly the group (CESP) objectives regarding the purposes above described.

To continue to build that goal, we in CESP compromise, via a new strategic document to be held in the next congress, to put pressure on the government of CESP members, in order to legislate conveniently to protect the work of the police from violence such as verbal or physical aggression and to perform police tasks, whatever the contractual link, that defines the guiding principles of their careers

As modern crime is internationalized, union’s solutions must be both national and international. It is not a solution to abandon this strategic thought, it is fundamental that the basics of unionism prevail and for that we must be a real association

We are the defenders of the defenders of our societies and we hope we can survive to the threats and to the challenges that we face within unionism, within CESP and within our cultures.

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