On Jan 9, the President and the Secretary General of CESP held a meeting with the Director of CEPOL and his Chief of Operations.

CEPOL is an agency of the European Union dedicated to develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials. Since 1 July 2016, the date of its new legal mandate, CEPOL’s official name is “ The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training ”.

It was an expected interview which showed the importance of this Agency from a police point of view. On this occasion, we presented our organization and we participated in our program in the field of police training present in our ‘2025 project’ .

The meeting took place under a climate of maximum cordiality and laid the foundations for a future collaboration in the field of police training.

We agree that the feedback and this convergence between CESP (representing to police trade unions) and CEPOL is crucial in understanding better training needs, tailoring and harmonization of curriculum.

We hope to maintain this spirit of collaboration in the future, and we are convinced that it will materialize in concrete projects that will be beneficial for both parties.

General Secretariat

Jesús Lira Calvo

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