On February 19, CESP attended the opening day of the 22nd European Police Congress, held in Berlin, where a large representation of companies and public and private institutions of the security sector gathered and in which the BDK – Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter, our  German union integrated in CESP, had a stand.

On the occasion of this visit we had the opportunity to talk about the situation of our German partners and to develop a plan for the future in order to improve our position in the European Union Institutions:

The training of police officers, which is homogeneous in all countries – with similar requirements – the defense of human rights, the coordination and the defense of the police bodies were some of the issues addressed and will continue in the not near future with the development of a new meeting in Brussels next month to articulate concrete measures to be presented in the institutions of the Union.

Other issues that were discussed were the possibility of unions from other countries to join CESP, such as Austria, Croatia, etc.

Finally, our BDK colleagues have shown their interest in organizing an executive committee in 2020 coinciding with the European Union presidency of their country.



Jesús Lira Calvo

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